Suriname meets Ghana

This is a fragment from the documentary Katibo Yeye. It’s a pity they didn’t post the whole documentary online. Every African (in diaspora) should see this video. Especially From the 06:00 minute mark on, it gets very interesting. It amazes me every time I see it…:-)

There are some ignorant Africans in Diaspora that claim that we should be thankful to be out of Africa. They claim that they are not African, but that their heritage, their culture is a mixed one. Even though the latter is some what true, we can’t deny that the bulk of that heritage is a black one, is an African one. After all attempts to destroy and erase the Africa in us, our energy, our essence, our soul is still an African one. And we should celebrate that. It may be a Caribbean Africa, or an American Africa, but it still is Africa.

I pity those ignorant Africans in Diaspora. I’m genuinely hurt however, when the Africans whose forefathers were fortunate enough not to be taken away by slave ships, claim that the Africa in me, the Africa that I cultivated and that has grown in spite of everything, is not African enough. That I’m not African.

I hope the video can change that view at least a little bit.

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