Music is a wondrous thing!

This song by the Nigerian artist Flavour is actually a remix of an older song by Cardinal Rex Lawson, a Nigerian musician from the 60tees. However, for his background rhythm Flavour used a Cuban melody that was first recorded in the 1930tees. This Cuban melody, a son pregón, is one of the most famous Cuban recordings ever. It’s called “El Manisero” or “The Peanut Vendor”.

It’s a wondrous thing to witness the ancestors going back in spirit to the place they once left behind. And that through their music. Music truly is a wondrous thing.

12 thoughts on “Music is a wondrous thing!

  1. Yup! He also infused the rhythmic element of ‘Murder She wrote’ by Chaka Demus and Pliers no? Thanks for the historically perspective, Ana, do you know what the original song for M3nsa’s ‘Biribi W’om’ song is? I only know it has some Caribbean feel to it

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    1. Yes, it’s a Cuban song called Yiri Yiri Bon. The oldest version I can find is by Beny More.

      But it’s a very popular song, so it has been sung by numerous artists. There even is an old cover by Gnonnas Pedro who is a singer from Benin


      1. LOL.. I know that feeling all too well. Liking a song, but not knowing what it’s called, especially if it’s in a language your not familiar with. Glad I could help..:-)

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  2. Actually, Anaelrich, your blog is more about something than about nothing! Always some interesting information about music. I new “El manisero” but I didn’t relate it at all with Flavour’s song! I enjoyed listening to the two!

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  3. Wow you really did your research with this one! I didn’t even know the beat was Cuban. These are the kind of blog posts I like to read. So niche! 🙂

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