God and me (2)

I usually connect with God through music of various origins. Some examples:

This is a video of a “Winti prey”, a ceremony in which descendants of Africans who were brought to the Americas against their will, honor their ancestors. These customs are ancient. They helped my ancestors survive the terror that was slavery. These customs weren’t meant to survive. The colonial powers did everything in their power to make this happen, even declaring practicing Winti a crime. But guess what, Winti did survive. And to me, that’s due to God’s power. I love the music, the energy. All of it speaks to my soul.

Source: Kanaal van toto583, Youtube

I also love the way the Spiritual Baptist come to God. This faith is a Caribbean Christian denomination where they mix elements of traditional African religions with Christian Baptism. This is a Spiritual Baptist group from St. Vincent.

Source: Andres Quow, Youtube

This rendition of “Oh Happy Day”. No explanation needed

Source: Edwin Hawkins, Youtube

This Bollywood song, which offers a message of hope from an Islamic perspective.

Source: GILIGILI9, Youtube

Literally every Orisha song by Ella Andall from Trinidad and Tobago

Source: Mercedez TheFmGirl, Youtube

This performance by this incredibly talented little (well he’s not that little anymore) boy.

Source: Mano Gospel, Youtube

And just so much more…:-)

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