Wow.., is he a prophet or what?

In an old Kaiso mood again… This song was written in 1999, and performed in 2000. Only a mere 18 years later, and my, my, my, about half of what he’s singing seems to have come to pass and even seems so normal nowadays! LOL…

Enjoy! See lyrics below.

Source: Crazy – In Time To Come (full version) , isdepaninme, youtube

Yesterday has come and gone,
Leaving some of us to mourn,
Times we had and friends we lost,
And while nature took its course,
We have seen the many faces of slavery,
We have seen the British empire fall,
We have seen Hitler's contribution to history,
We have seen the rise and fall of the Berlin wall,
We have seen famines,
We have seen wars,
A you well imagine,
We have seen nothing yet because,

In time to come, America will have a black president,
In time to come, there's going to be an active world government,
In time to come, the world will see human life cheaper than dirt,
In time to come, from outer space aliens will land on the earth,
Team Africa will win the World Cup,
Marijuana will sell in the shop,
Science will produce bread out of stone,
And then create the first human clone,
Technology will reach a new high,
Buses and cars will fly in the sky,
Trinidad will make a nuclear bomb,
In time to come  (3x)

Moving from the dark ages,
Man has progressed in stages,
Through the stone and iron age,
'Till we turned another page,
And we saw the adventures of Alexander,
Waging war in his obsession for conquest,
Invention like the chariot and the saber,
The weapons that put Europe under duress,
Mankind achievements sometimes were great,
And this glorious moments mark the passage of time,
But wait...

In time to come, mankind will have a colony on the moon,
In time to come, this Calypso will be a top 40 tune,
In time to come, scientist will synthesize silver and gold,
In time to come, people will have real sex by remote control,
The first dead man will come back alive,
Cancer and AIDS victims will survive,
Babies will born with mustache and beard,
D...(?) and kidneys will be repaired,
The government will ban cigarettes,
Breakfast and lunch will be a tablet,
A two year old will split the atom,
In time to come (3x)

That day when the Wright brothers,
After tremendous horrors,
Got their little plane to saw,
All mankind stood in awe,
Just like when that great scholar Benjamin Franklin,
Discovered what would be electricity,
And again when sir Alexander, that kingpin,
Gave the world the first telephone company,
But all of that is,
a drink of rum,
in our drinking glasses,
Compared with what is still to come,

In time to come, an asteroid will destroy New York city,
In time to come, California will submerge under the sea,
In time to come, almost every athlete will be bionic,
In time to come, every national park will be Jurassic,
Explorers will find El Dorado,
Computers will compose Calypso,
Man will begin to travel in time,
Police will stop adultery and crime,
People won't go to church anymore,
And there will be a gender world war,
Preachers will heal the deaf and the dumb,
In time to come (3x)

Nowadays the things we see,
Have a scenic wondery,
Wondering what will be next,
In the world of science and sex,
We have seen already the tacit acceptance,
By the world regarding same gender romance,
And we know that according to modern science,
Live or death could depend on the circumstance,
Communication take over now and,
In man's expectation,
There is nothing time won't allow,

In time to come, an exorcist will capture a living ghost,
In time to come, a transvestite will become Miss Universe,
In time to come, an East Indian will win the Calypso crown,
In time to come, scientist will make old people come back young,
Advertisements will light up the skies,
And holograms will dazzle the eyes,
Woman will walk naked in the town,
Things will go up and never come down,
To go to Tobago people will walk,
Monkey and dog will learn how to talk,
Satmaraj will have a negro grandson,
In time to come (3x)

Right here on the local scene,
Changes we have seen them all,
What a journey it has been,
With our backs against the wall,
Remember the works of Lock Joint and Sampi
at the time when money was no problem,
And the drinks in the tongues was whiskey and brandy
That was when the black power caused big mayhem,
We saw an island,
Rise up just so,
From out in the ocean,
But that is joke, I want you to know,

In time to come, an African will win Mastana Bahar,
In time to come, Trinbago will have a woman prime minister,
In time to come, Kitchener's son will come here and start to sing,
In time to come, Bulosi might become the next road march king,
Indians and Africans will unite,
And there will be no more racial fights,
All of them drug pushers will cool down,
And Danradsingh will hang up his gun,
Sangre Grande will be a city,
UNC will win in Lavantille,
Panday one day will stop drinking rum,
In time to come (3x)

Since the beginning of time,
Man has never found himself,
Caught up in  a web of crime
He put his soul on the shelf,
And we saw all his wickedness manifesting,
Furthermore in perversion he did wallow,
Then we saw his intelligence disappearing,
And therefore how lower his morals could go,
But in the future,
Tomorrow's era,
And the hereafter,
Mankind will have to do better,

In time to come, all religions will get together and pray,
In time to come, when it is getting closer to Judgment day,
In time to come, the Messiah will come and peace will prevail,
In time to come, King Lucifer will make a lifetime in jail,
Milk and honey will be the menu,
Dollars and cents will have no value,
Sorrow and pain will seize to exist,
And everyone will find happiness,
Man and woman will live forever,
In the kingdom of the Creator,
Dancing to our sweet Soca rhythm,
In time to come (3x)

All these things I sing to you,
Will really happen for true,
One day if we live to see,
these things come reality,
Remember the prophesies of John the Baptist,
Who announced the coming of Jesus Christ,
And that man Nostradamus the mad scientist,
Who once said, the bloody World War will occur twice,
So it is written,
So shall it be,
For things going to happen,
And so all who have eyes would see,

In time to come, the West Indies cricket team will rise back on top,
In time to come, on the radio Calypso will jam non-stop,
In time to come, Ato Bolden will win an Olympic gold,
In time to come, Cropper and Aims will amaze the sporting world,
The Calypso King will get one million,
Panorama will pay house and land,
Amoko will buy out Port of Spain,
'Cause there will be another oil boom again,
Ramesh Maraj will tell we the truth,
And Sprangalang will start wearing suit,
Crazy will win the Calypso crown!

In time to come (3x)

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