Some relaxation in crazy times…

I will be the first to admit, that yes I’m scared and afraid right now. But God let me stumble upon this video of Iyanla, and I’m going to really try to not be afraid.

Source: Iyanla Vanzant, Youtube

These couple of days I have been staying inside, working from home, cooking instead of eating out. The latter has really saved me money! So there are some pros to this situation we as earthlings have found ourselves into.

Another way I like to pass the time is by spending hours on Youtube, going from music video to music video to recommended music video, constantly replaying songs.

Songs that I have been constantly replaying are songs by Jah9. Now I had heard of her before, but somehow I had never really listened to one of her songs. And that I sincerely regret now, because she’s AMAZING*!

So without further ado. Here she is:

Source Jah9, Youtube

Love has found I” is I think my favorite song of hers.

Love has found I,


Taking it slow

But not letting go…!

Another favorite would be “Humble mi“:

Source Jah9, Youtube

And this one??

Where did you get it into your head,

That the value you possess,

Was determined by efficiency of taking of my dress,

Who taught you what it means to be a man,

Don’t blame the absence of a father,

Blame the absence of a plan!

Y’all, get in to “Highly”.

Source Jah9, Youtbe

Another fun favorite would be “(how to catch a princess with an) Avocado!

Source Jah9, Youtube

Hopefully this has released some stress for you, too. It has for me. Thank you Jah9…!

*I really need to search for other words that encompass the same meaning as amazing, or at least learn how to describe the feeling that amazing people give me, because the word “amazing” rarely does amazing people justice.


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