Love in modern music

Now, I’m not one to claim that there are absolutely no love songs being made anymore. There are quite a few. You just have to search for them. These particular songs, or well actually their music videos, stood out to me. The first song is by Jocelyne Béroard, lead singer of my all time favorite band Kassav. It features love between two middle aged people, and that’s something we don’t see featured in modern music quite often. Or at least, I don’t really see it. Beautiful imagery, beautiful song. I don’t understand the language, but from the visuals you kind of get the gist of what the song is about.

Source B Caribbean, Youtube,
Jocelyne Béroard – Lapli Pé Tonbé

The second music video features love between two women, also quite uncommon. Yes, there are a lot of sexual images of women being flirty with each other in modern music videos, but that’s not what’s happening here. The singer, Lycinaïs Jean, sings about her love for in this case a woman, and visualizes that. Again, beautiful visuals.. And the song? Fire!

Source: LYCINAÏS JEAN TV, Youtube
Lycinaïs Jean – Mwen enmé-w

10 thoughts on “Love in modern music

      1. Recommendations! “Rubs hands together, cracks knuckles, starts to type like a mad woman…”…lol.. I love recommending music..
        Let’s see:
        For more positive (black) love visuals:
        Chronixx- Majesty. (That would be my newest find.)
        Reggae (not dancehall) singers usually have really wonderful vids/songs as well. These following songs are kind of old already, but I LOVE them, and listen to these singers at least once a week or so…:-):
        Protoje- No Lipstick
        Protoje- Rasta Love
        Tarrus Riley- Dream Woman
        Busy Signal- Missing You
        Chronixx- Somewhere (no music vid for this one)
        Chronixx- Smile Jamaica (the best patriotic song I’ve heard in a while… !)
        Gramps Morgan- One in a million, come back to bed

        I also did a post on here where I listed songs with a fusion of styles from the Caribbean and Afrobeats. This is the link:
        Some of the songs are your average party/club songs so don’t expect deep or profound lyrics. But you will get really catchy beats ! lol

        Speaking of Afrobeats, you really can’t go wrong with the singer Tekno… But again, it’s party music so expect the typical party setting. But the beats though!

        However, if we’re staying on the love song topic combined with a beautiful music video, then try:
        Flavour- Gollibe
        Flavour- Ada Ada
        Timi Dakolo- Iyawo mi
        Timi Dakolo- Medicine
        Davido- Aye
        Iyanya- Applaudise
        Simi- Jamb Question

        And to stay on the African continent, Angolan singers usually also have beautiful love songs with beautiful visuals:
        C4Pedro- Casamento
        Yuri da Cunha- Tu es amor

        And I can’t list African music, without listing a song from one of the Congos…! I love Ferre Gola- Litaka

        And last but not least!! A song from my very own home country Suriname,.. It’s simple yet soo profound… Such a lovely song. This is a vid with the translated lyrics. There’s also an actual music vid.

        And so many, many more…This is just a snippet! The singers I listed also have other songs of course, you can also try out those other songs

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      2. Gah! You linked me so many. I finally got around to listening to some of them. I’m a fan of Chronixx and Flavour now. I don’t see enough of us in this kind of aspect. A lot of our more gentle stories get buried under trends.

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