Short Surinamese horror movies

These short films are such a delight! It’s great to see the spooky stories I grew up with acted out on the screen in such great quality. There’s a whole series on Youtube, but these two are my favorite. Check out the filmmaker’s channel, Little Wolf Imagination, and make sure to subscribe…!

Source: Little Wolf Imagination at Youtube, Sranan Folktales – Ep5 XIOMARA (Short Horror Serie)

Little Wolf Imagination on Youtube, Sranan Folktales – Ep 2. KIM (Short Horror Serie)


2 thoughts on “Short Surinamese horror movies

  1. It’s so cool that you’re able to share a visual representation of these stories, I must say, I would have been terrified to hear them as a kid. I actually don’t know a single folktale about where I’m from and I think it’s a shame.

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    1. Yes, these short movies are really amazing…! Ohw, in Suriname we grew up with all kinds of these I don’t remember being that scared upon hearing them though. I do remember seeing ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as a child and being afraid to be alone in the dark for months after that, but that’s not a folktale..:-)


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