These animations are everything!

Today I saw a newspaper article about the MyHeritage app Deep Nostalgia. It’s an app that animates faces from (old) photographs. The animations I saw were so realistic, and I knew immediately that I needed to try it.

And when I tell you I was not disappointed! I started with a photograph of my maternal grandmother. The app was so easy to use. You have to upload picture, the system then does its magic and after less than a minute your ancestor starts to move. It’s crazy!

I send the animation of my grandmother to my mother with the warning “Don’t be startled…and don’t cry either!” because I know my mom, and I also know that it can be quite a shock to see a photo come to life.

It really is a fun to do. Now, the MyHeritage people are smart of course. The first two animations are free. And once you’re on a roll, and hit animate on the third picture, you have to pay…:-(. And of course the app is only available with their most expensive package. Well, good job marketing team at MyHeritage. You got me… I paid up! And spend the rest of my afternoon animating..haha.

You can check out the app here

Check out some of the ancestors that came to life

My grandmother Nelly who you can read more about here Letter to Nelly
My little boy grandpa who you can read about here Letter to Edmund
My grandmother Sophie, her story is posted here: Letter to Sophie


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